All things Pluto in May

A few short and snappy highlights from the last month:

  • Sales continue to climb, we're now almost at 450! These are predominantly coming from organic (unpaid) channels and partnerships
  • Term sheets have been signed and we’re moving to the later stages of the fundraise process. We’ll have an exciting announcement in the coming weeks about part 2 of our fundraise :)
  • This month, Alex our CEO (me!) will be pitching at St. James’ Palace to the Duke of York, and also, at 2am have a Q&A with a load of tech founders who will be flying over the Atlantic ocean! We’ll share how that went next month
  • We’ve conducted a ton of customer research over the last month. With some exciting changes coming down the line around how we position ourselves to our customers
  • We’re now officially committed to launching an app in the next 3 months (iOS first), this will likely cover off most of the insurance basics, but importantly act as a foundation for the future
  • As we continue to experiment with different marketing tactics, we’re learning what works best as we find that sweet spot for Pluto. One key learning from the past couple of months is understanding the type of content that is performing best, and the areas we should focus on in the coming months. Expect to see more content relating to helping customers make the most of their travel cover and tips to prevent stuff from going wrong, helping customers worry less and get more out of their travels.
  • This month we will be launching business travel cover and group travel cover! This is after the continued requests from our community to make it easier to book for friends or partners. They’re important features that improve our core offering, opening up further routes for customer acquisition. Over the last month we’ve also been busy building some behind the scenes tech for some of our travel partners, making it even easier for their customers to get Pluto cover
  • We’ve agreed to do a partnership with Anywhr, a very cool travel company that book surprise trips (try it out if you’re feeling adventurous and want someone to plan your entire trip!)

Over the next month, the focus is still absolutely the fundraise, but also get things moving on our app build. We couldn’t be more excited to release this to our community.

Thanks for reading!

Alex, James and Harry



The two co-founders of Pluto, Alex & Harry.