Am I covered for trips in the UK?

For trips in the UK to be covered, the trip must have 2 or more consecutive nights of booked accommodation. We've also included some information below about what you are and aren't covered for in light of coronavirus.

What you're not covered for:

  • If you travel and stay overnight against the UK Government's advice, we're not able to cover your trip at all. For example, if you plan to stay somewhere when there is a local or national lockdown affecting your destination, you won't be covered for anything.
  • Unfortunately, we still can't cover any travel disruption, trip cancellations or if you need to come home early because of coronavirus. This is because coronavirus is now a known event and is still highly unpredictable. This will be the same for most travel insurers. For example, if part of the UK you're about to visit imposes a lockdown and you can't travel there, you wouldn't be covered for cancelling your trip.
  • We also can't cover you if you have to cancel a trip because you have coronavirus or are self-isolating with symptoms before your trip. For example, if you're advised not to travel due to coronavirus or coronavirus symptoms, you wouldn't be covered for cancelling your trip.

What you are covered for:

  • If the UK Government's advice is that it's okay to travel and stay overnight within the UK and there is no local lockdown affecting your destination, we will cover you as normal. For example, you'd be covered for your personal items amongst many other things.
  • Your policy does also still cover trip cancellations and travel disruptions for reasons other than coronavirus. Your policy will have these reasons listed out, or you can ask me a specific question. For example, if you broke your foot the day before you travel, you'd be covered for cancelling your trip.

Please just message us if you have any more questions.



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