Does my travel insurance cover for Coronavirus?

If you bought your policy before the 11th March you would need the extended travel disruption extra to be covered for trip cancellations or coming home early due to changes in travel advice and the pandemic situation.

You may also be covered for trip cancellations from catching the virus in the UK or being quarantined by a medical professional in the UK.

We always recommend that you follow the FCO's travel advice. And, if you choose to travel against their advice, you would unfortunately invalidate your travel insurance.

What do your new policies cover?

As of the 11th March 2020, for new policies only, we're no longer be able to cover for anything relating to Coronavirus or changes in travel advice from the WHO or FCO. You can see more about this decision here.

Importantly, existing policies are not impacted by this change. If you bought cover before this date and have the extended travel disruption extra, you may be covered to cancel your trip due to Coronavirus disruption or travel restrictions.

How do I know if my trip is affected?

The most accurate and up to date information for UK residents is the Foreign Office’s website, usually referred to as the FCO.

You can search for any country and check what the latest advice is. They will clearly state if they advise against travel to a certain destination.

If the FCO or even the World Health Organisation advises against travel to a specific country, region or town that you’re going to, you’ll likely want to cancel your trip and make a claim for all the costs you can’t get refunded, like flights and hotels. You will invalidate your cover if you travel somewhere the FCO or WHO is advising against travel to.

When can I cancel my trip and claim?

If you have the extended travel disruption extra and bought your policy before the 11th of March, then you may be able to claim for a cancelled trip.

Firstly, you should speak to your tour operator, travel agent or airline before cancelling your trip as they may be able to rearrange, refund or offer alternative travel arrangements. You will need to show this if you submit any claim.

If you have to cancel your trip and have not paid the full cost yet, you should cancel within 5 days of any further payments being due. If you have paid the full trip cost, you should cancel within 5 days of your planned departure date.

If you cancel too early and the WHO downgrade Coronavirus from being a pandemic or the FCO changes their travel advice, for example more than 5 days before your trip is due to commence, this could be considered as unwillingness to travel and you might not be able to make a claim for this as we don't cover this as a reason to cancel your trip.

What can I claim for a cancelled trip?

If you’re covered for trip cancellation, then you claim for all the costs you can’t recover or get refunded that you’ve paid for upfront — E.g. flights, accommodation, car rental and so on.

Before submitting a claim, please make sure you cancel everything you're looking to claim for and try to request refunds or date changes where possible. You'll be asked to submit evidence that the trip has been cancelled when you submit a claim, in addition to evidence of any refunds that have been given or declined.

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