Is cheap holiday insurance the best option?

There are so many travel insurance providers out there that claim to offer cheap holiday insurance that covers a whole multitude of mishaps. But is cheap always the best option? Of course, if you're on a budget, then cheap holiday insurance will likely seem to be the most attractive and affordable option for you, but you need to be mindful about what it covers.

Cheap may not always be best…

When you're planning a holiday, travel insurance should be high on the agenda. It's so vital to have cover in place, just in case something happens that you didn't expect. But many people are quick to choose the cheapest cover available, instead of checking what it includes, and the vital ins and outs.

Taking out travel insurance isn't always straightforward. Many providers used jargon filled policies that go on for pages and pages…At Pluto, we believe that explanations as to what's included in holiday insurance should be communicated in plain English. Policies should also be easy to tailor, and pricing must be transparent and stated from the get-go.

Yes, you can get cheap holiday insurance that will cover you for the absolute minimum, and this usually entails reading through screeds of paperwork to understand the fine lines…and there's plenty of them.

3 top tips on getting the best holiday insurance

1. Don't leave it until it's too late

The biggest holiday insurance-related mistake is choosing to skip taking it out altogether. More spending money won't seem like a good idea when you're faced with a substantial medical bill, or your flight has been delayed for days…

2. Don't assume that cheap holiday insurance covers anything and everything

Most basic (cheap) packages won't cover you for extreme sports or activities that are out of the ordinary. It's also worth paying close attention to whether or not your provider covers you only for leisure trips, and not just work ones. At Pluto, we offer cover for all holidays at a reasonable price, AND, we’re upfront and honest about what cover you get.

3. Always declare pre-existing medical conditions

If you've previously been diagnosed with anything from diabetes to cancer, you must declare this at the time of taking holiday cover. Also, don't forget to declare any ongoing conditions such as asthma, an underactive thyroid, high cholesterol or depression or anxiety. Declaring medical conditions might mean your premium is a little higher, but this is by far better that than a refusal to pay out later down the road if you find yourself in hot water while abroad (and we don't mean the Red Sea…).

Cheap holiday insurance may seem like the most cost-effective way to leave you with more spending money, but it can actually leave you worse off if you find yourself experiencing the unexpected while on your much looked forward to holiday.

With Pluto, we're clear and upfront when it comes to the legal stuff and costs. Use our website to get a quote for your next holiday and don't be caught out.