Latest news at Pluto from October

It’s been another very busy month. As we get closer to launching, we’re unveiling a little sneak peek of what Pluto is going to look like, and ‘beautiful’ doesn’t do it justice, have a look for yourself further down.

We also won up to £25k in legal advice at #Insurathon2018 🏆🏆🏆 hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright, EOS Venture Partners & MS Amlin!

Everyone needs a goal

For those with a good memory, (or an active reader of our blog) you’ll know that 3 months ago we set ourselves something called, OKRs. This stands for Objective and Key Results. These are a set of measurable goals that are of the highest importance to us as a startup, nothing else matters. I’ll go through theses objectives below. The target for them is the end of November, and come hell or high water, we’re going to do everything in our control to meet them.


James, among other things, leads our partnerships and with our CEO, Alex, have been going around town speaking to companies that share our target audience and importantly share our brand values. We want to strategically partner with companies that we would recommend to our friends, and that we would use ourselves.

We set a target of 3 partnerships. This has now been done and dusted, and then some! We have 5 partners lined up and ready for when we launch. We have, a large co-working space, a group trips provider and, the most exciting, one of the UK largest neo-banks, we’re keeping this a secret for now 😀

We’ve got loads more in the pipeline as well! Also, TechNation will be interviewing us on our approach to partnering with other startup businesses, hopefully, we can share this next week.

We sold a policy!

One might not seem like much and it sort of wasn’t a real policy and it was Alex who bought it (cryptic, I know), but make no mistake, this is a huge milestone for us.

So what actually happened? The product we’ve built, for the first time, allows a user to tailor, pay for and receive via email and Messenger a policy. What’s the catch? Well, the policy was sort of empty and it didn’t look very pretty! But it shows off the key journey for a customer and proves the technology we’ve been building is getting very close to being ready. This has been done in around 2.5 months, we’re pretty proud of that.

The biggest lesson this month for the team is not to underestimate the complexity of what we’re doing and all the many moving parts, some within our control and some outside. We wanted to go live sooner than we are (who wouldn’t), but looking back, that was unrealistic and too optimistic. Looking back from this point, it’s always easier to see that. But we wouldn’t have done anything differently, so from that perspective, things are right on track.

What’s better than beautiful?

As promised, a sneak peek at what Pluto is going to look like on day one. Our designer Jamie and, Head of Product, Harry have been working hard to apply our new brand (launched last month) to the user interface (UI) and the results speak for themselves. We’ve shown these to a number of customers, and while there are always a few improvements, the reactions and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Anyway, a picture speaks 1000 words, so 3 pictures must speak….

Three epic screenshots of Pluto!

In the next update we will be announcing our BIG launch, so stay tuned! 👋

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The two co-founders of Pluto, Alex & Harry.