Partnering with the Travel Foundation to make the bad bits about travelling better

In our commitment to responsible travel, so that we can all keep enjoying amazing places around the world, Pluto has teamed up with charity partner the Travel Foundation. Here, Graeme Jackson, Head of Partnerships at the Travel Foundation, explains who they are and what they do.

What is the history and mission of the Travel Foundation?

The Travel Foundation was set up in 2003 in response to the need for an organisation to lead the effort to engage travel companies in sustainable tourism. It marked the first time that companies across the UK had come together to take action on sustainability. Today we work with public and private sector organisations around the world to fulfil our mission:

To bring together stakeholders to develop practical solutions which maximise the benefits and minimise the negative impacts of tourism in destinations.
Blue Wave project, Turkey

What are the types of projects you typically work on?

We tackle the huge environmental and social challenges that global tourism brings. We do this by supporting tourism stakeholders to create systemic change in the way that tourism is managed. This includes working with tourism businesses, destination authorities and community groups to provide expert advice and guidance, training and conducting world-class research.

We also design and deliver practical projects in destinations around the world, finding solutions to the challenges and opportunities that tourism brings. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Marine conservation in St Lucia.
  • Improving rural livelihoods in Turkey by facilitating the local supply of produce to businesses.
  • Reducing waste, water and energy consumption in Cabo Verde hotels.

Why were you interested in a partnership with Pluto?

Pluto's mobile-based services, aimed at the millennial market, encourage customers to plan and protect against risk when travelling. We see this demographic as key ambassadors for the protection of our planet and, like Pluto, we want to ensure future generations enjoy the beauty of the natural world without harming it (or themselves) in the process.

With Pluto's purpose, making the bad bits about travelling better, how do you see Pluto and the Travel Foundation striking a mutually beneficial relationship?

The Travel Foundation also aims to make the bad bits about travelling better. While Pluto aims to take the pain out of buying travel insurance, we aim to take the pain out of tourism for those communities that host travellers.

There are, of course, all sorts of reasons why tourism can be a good thing for destinations and should be welcomed. It brings jobs, investment and many other opportunities. However, it can also bring the bad bits, such as pollution, overdevelopment, increased inequality and competition for scarce resources.

Together we can spread the word about the importance of sustainable tourism and we are very grateful that your donations, on behalf of your customers, help fund the work we do!

Fethiye, Turkey

What excites you about working with Pluto?

We welcome your enthusiasm for the work we do around the world. We're also excited to share our vision with such an innovative start-up. We recognise the importance of embracing new technologies to solve to problems and look forward to raising awareness amongst a young, savvy and conscious audience of passionate travellers.

With every travel insurance policy we sell, we donate £1 to the Travel Foundation to promote tourism that brings greater benefits for people and the environment in destinations.

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