Pledge for Antiracism, Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to Pluto's Pledge for Antiracism, Diversity & Inclusion.

Whether you're reading this a member of the Pluto community or someone has shared this with you and you're considering how your company can do more, we truly hope you find this useful.

This is a pledge of actions for a company to commit to. To become an antiracist, diverse and inclusive business. This is the same set of 10 actions that we're taking at Pluto.

You can read the full background and explanation of these actions here.

The objective is simply to use your and our privilege to combat systemic and institutionalised marginalisation of certain groups, such as racism and sexism. Thereby improving diversity and inclusion in your industry. We hope you find this practical and useful. Details on how to sign this are at the bottom.

If we're building the companies of the future, then we need to start the hard work to create the kind of future we want.

1. Update your company values

Update your company values to ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of every decision.

2. Diversity and inclusion as a business priority

Establishing diversity and inclusion as a business priority, consistently being part of your business objectives, to ensure you're committing to on-going action.

3. People and hiring

Ensure diverse amongst your team by setting diversity goals for hiring and interview candidates, taking affirmative actions and setting a date for meeting these goals.

4. Product and marketing

Ensure your marketing and products enable, promote and encourage diversity and inclusion.

5. Inclusive culture

Create an environment for an inclusive culture with zero tolerance towards racism.

6. Continually evaluate the companies you're working with

Actively work with companies that support diversity, inclusion and the Black community and avoid companies that have a poor record around race, gender and ethnicity.

7. Training and education

Provide your employees with time and money to learn about racism, privilege, antiracism, diversity and inclusion.

8. Donate

Donate to an organisation(s) that are fighting racism and supporting diversity and inclusion.

9. Communicate your pledge and report on your progress

Share the actions you're taking and your progress to the public, your customers, investors and employees.

10. Get 2 new companies to commit to and sign this 'Pledge for Antiracism, Diversity & Inclusion'

Spread the word and encourage other companies you have relationships with to take action as well. Click to quickly share by email, Twitter or Whatsapp.

Sign the pledge

If you want to commit to these same actions as a business, we would welcome you to add your signature. We suggest you:

  • Discuss this with your other founders or management team
  • Email Alex, our CEO, to sign the pledge. We'll add your details below afterwards
  • Consider how all the actions will practically apply to your business in the short to long term
  • Create an internal backlog of immediate actions and assign owners. Them schedule a recurring meeting to track these actions and your commitments
  • Then, get to work

If you want to see how we've applied these actions specifically at Pluto, you can see this here. And, if you have any questions or feedback, please do be honest and share anything with us. You can email Alex here.

Alex Rainey, Pluto Co-Founder
Harry Williams, Pluto Co-Founder



The two co-founders of Pluto, Alex & Harry.