Pluto partners with the secret weapon every backpacker needs

At Pluto we’re always up for an adventure. Fancy backpacking in Nepal? We’re in. Surfing in Bali? Right on.  Spa at Norway’s fjords? Count. Us. In.

Whatever the adventure however, we like to be prepared so that it’s all about the good bits and not about any bad bits, and we’ve got a new friend who shares that vision.

Meet Savvy Travels. Founded by Cam Kavanagh, aka Chief Exploration Officer, Savvy Travels is the backpacker or adventure traveller’s secret weapon. A small but perfectly formed pack of 60 essential features that can clip to your backpack and be accessible anytime anywhere, it’s the best friend you were too proud to say you needed.

How did Cam get Savvy?

Whether you cut yourself and need a plaster while trekking in the rainforest, or your phone runs out of juice at Angkor Wat, just as you were about to post that selfie to Instagram. (Did it even happen if it didn’t have a hashtag? If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it?)

The idea came when Cam, a seasoned backpacker himself (one gap year swiftly turned into three), went on one of his early escapades and was given a raft of ‘essentials’ items by his family to take with him. He quickly found that half of them were a total waste of space.  Meanwhile, the ones he did need often weren’t accessible when he needed them - either because he thought he was Mr Invincible and had left them at the hostel or because they were floating around somewhere at the bottom of his bag and needed shoehorning out. Easier said than done when you’re in the middle of a marketplace in India.

So the Savvy idea started to percolate.

What is Savvy Travels?

Designed for the backpacker who thinks they know it all, Savvy Travels is the ultimate travel grab bag that contains everything you need to take on the world, all in one place:

It contains over 60 essential travel features, including a battery bank, first aid kit, padlock, torch and multi-tool card amongst others

  • It’s smaller than a shoe
  • You can fly with it
  • If your day bag is full you can clip it onto an outside handle or strap so the essentials are always accessible
  • It is made from high quality canvas so it’s durable for backpacking as well as water resistant
  • Need something personal to you? The pack contains a spare pocket so you can personalise. Susceptible to a hangover? Put in some pain killers. Or if you’re asthmatic you can include an inhaler.
  • There’s even a secret pocket for those emergency dollars, a copy of your passport and any other vital documents.

Having done all the research for you, saving buckets of time, you might be interested to know that to buy the individual items separately would normally cost around £78 excluding the bag. At Savvy Travels (bag included) it’s ready to go at the click of a button for a cool £69.99.

However, since we’re such great mates, Cam is offering Pluto customers a whopping £20 discount until end of 26th August! Just follow the link below and use the code SAVVYPLUTO!


Get Savvy