Stay safe kids: five tips for a safer holiday

Sometimes playing it safe can actually make experiences more fun, especially when it comes to travelling. Allowing you to reserve your adventurous streak for the mountain climbing, the big wave surfing or that slightly dubious but oh so fascinating burger stand by the beach, here are five simple tips for making you and your stuff a little safer on holiday…

Lock it like it’s hot

It’s pretty unlikely that your luggage will get nicked at the airport, but these things do happen. An article in The Times last year reported that apparently 1,000 pieces of luggage are stolen at airports each year with hand luggage proving an easy target. Those figures aren’t that high when you consider the number of people travelling each day, but even so, stolen luggage is a pain in the a***.

While you can’t always prevent it from happening, you can put deterrents in place to help prevent it. For example, you should never underestimate the powers of the humble padlock and the hassle factor it creates for opportunist thieves. If you’re feeling fancy you can even stretch to a numbered one so you don’t run the risk of losing your keys.

It calls for back-up

You don’t need us to tell you what a royal nightmare it would be if you lost your important travel documents while you’re away - your passport, your driver’s licence (especially if you’re planning to hire a car).

Fortunately, it’s modern technology to the rescue. It’s not groundbreaking to suggest making copies of everything you need, but ladies and gents might we advise making them electronic versions saved to the cloud for easy access any time, anywhere. It’s not a bulletproof solution, but it will help tide you over if things do get lost. Just don’t forget your password and if using someone else’s device to access them, make sure to log out and clear the cache.

If you’ve got it, don’t flaunt it

If you’re travelling with loads of gadgets, it’s best not to be showy about them. Aside from the fact that it’s hopefully more interesting to look at the world around you than at your iPhone on holiday, flashing expensive phones, cameras, iPads and laptops all over the place can make you an easy target for theft. So be sensitive about how you use them.  Also, while some cash is sensible, don’t take loads, especially as banks like Monzo make it so easy to spend on card or get cash out when you need it.

Give it a shot

One thing you really want to make sure you’ve got covered before you travel are any necessary vaccines. With any luck you’re off to somewhere weird and exotic, off the beaten track with the promise of adventure ahead of you. That’s great, but even Indiana Jones might have benefitted from a little scientific boost against typhoid.

Many common diseases overseas can be extremely serious and unpleasant, but can be easily avoided with a simple trip to the doctor before you go. Thanks to the wonders of the NHS, many vaccines are free in the UK as well. Make sure you research where you’re going to see if any are recommended, and for more information check out the details from the helpful people at the NHS.

No regrets

We know that travel insurance doesn’t scream ‘daredevil’. But we also reckon you’d rather spend your time enjoying your holiday rather than picking up an extortionate medical bill for a dodgy tummy or mourning the loss of your GoPro as you shell out another £379.99 to replace it. In short, don’t wing it and travel without insurance, because while hopefully everything will run smoothly, sometimes it doesn’t. And for the sake of three minutes and a smaller fee now, you could save thousands if anything does happen to you or your stuff on holiday.

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