Things that happened in April

A few quick highlights from the last month:

  • Sales are continuing to climb and we're now at 353
  • Our pilot with Monzo continues and has attracted some press. Lots more to be done here
  • We've started conversations with a number of new travel partners, we'll share more as these become concrete
  • The fundraise is drawing a close and light is at the end of the tunnel. We're less than a week away from sharing a Term Sheet for signatures!!
  • We've been selected in the semi-finals of the BA / Founder Factory competition, in the next stage, a Pluto pitch video will be shown aboard a flight from San Francisco > London to a load of tech heavyweights and then a live Q&A from the ground to the plane (who knows how/if it will work)
  • Our product and design Guru (and co-founder) Harry has officially started full time at Pluto!!
  • We've moved into WeWork Moorgate (after sneaking some free months), so come and say hello if you're nearby

Over the next month, the focus is to close the fundraising round and see a few more partnerships go live. We'll also have some exciting new product developments to shout about. So stay tuned.



The two co-founders of Pluto, Alex & Harry.