What do Pluto's policies cover in relation to COVID-19?

What do we cover for coronavirus?

Coronavirus is now a 'known event', which means that us and most other insurers aren't able to cover certain things. However, most of our cover remains the same for things not related to coronavirus.

What is covered?

  • If the FCO's advice is that it's okay to travel to a country and you go abroad, we will cover you as normal. For example, you'd be covered for all the usual things as part of your policy, like medical expenses, your baggage, travel delay costs, legal costs, missed departures and many more things.
  • Your policy does also still cover trip cancellations and travel disruptions for reasons other than coronavirus. Your policy will have these reasons listed out, or you can ask me a specific question. For example, if you broke your foot the day before you travel, you'd be covered for cancelling your trip.
  • Finally, if you catch coronavirus in another country and require medical treatment, you're covered for medical expenses.

What isn't covered?

Unfortunately, we're not able to cover the following situations where it relates to coronavirus:

  • Cancelling your trip before you leave. For example, if the UK's FCO changes their travel advice for a country or because you have coronavirus and/or are self-isolating with symptoms before your trip or because of an airline or event cancellation.
  • Having to cut your trip short or come home early. For example, a sudden change in FCO advice while you're abroad or there's a lockdown imposed by the local government.
  • Travel delay, missed departures or extra accommodation costs, caused by border closure due to a local lockdown.

How does the FCO's travel advice affect my cover?

If you travel against the FCO's advice, we're not able to cover your trip at all. For example, you go to a country when the FCO is still advising against travel, you won't be covered for anything. This is still the case, even if your trip is considered essential.

You can buy a policy for a future date when you think the FCO advice will have changed. And, if the FCO advice doesn't change and you can't go abroad, then we should be able to change the dates on your policy for free.

However, you're not covered for any changes in FCO advice. For example, the day before you travel, the FCO advises against travel to your country. You wouldn't be covered if you cancelled your trip.

You can see our full write up of what the latest FCO travel advice means here.

Why don't you cover coronavirus travel disruption?

We’ve done this because, at its core, insurance is designed to protect you against risks and issues that are not known when you’re buying a policy. With the spread of coronavirus and very fluid situation with countries going on and off lockdown, this is no longer an unknown event and as such, we’re not able to cover it anymore.



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