When a skiing accident keeps you off the slopes but Pluto makes sure you’re properly cared for

Pluto customer, Shana, has been skiing since she was four. Not only that, but she’s worked as a ski instructor as well. So it’s safe to say that she knows what she’s doing on the slopes.

Sometimes though, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, accidents happen, cutting holidays short and racking up those medical bills. While we can’t take away the disappointment of a wasted ski pass, we can ease the pain with medical cover and by reimbursing you for the unused holiday costs. Here’s Shana’s story…

Have skis, will travel

Shana is 22 and loving life. She’s active, loves to travel, works in London and has amazing friends. So amazing, in fact, that she was really excited to go to Val d’Isere on a skiing holiday with five of them this year.

While in the past she had often not bothered with travel insurance, she decided that because it was a winter sports holiday it was probably a good idea. After all, stuff happens, especially on the mountains.  She left it to the last minute, but because you can get your Pluto cover through your phone, it was quick and easy to sort out.

“I liked not having to go through tiers of policies, and I liked the way the policy talked you through what you wanted so it was tailored to you.”

Taking a tumble

Off they went to share an Airbnb apartment, and the holiday started well, getting out onto the slopes as soon as humanly possibly after they arrived and shoop, shoop, shooping away from dawn ‘till dusk. While the first few days brought perfect skiing conditions, the weather soon turned bad, keeping them in for a couple of days and getting seriously itchy skis…

“It was really snowy, there were blizzards and generally tough conditions. On the fourth day though it was ok to get back out again. There were really big moguls and I fell. I had to get help getting to the bottom of the slope. I’ve had so many bad falls before but this time I just caught my ski the wrong way and twisted my knee badly, so no more skiing for me that week.  I had also paid to snowboard from half way through the holiday, which I now obviously couldn’t. It was such a shame because the next two days were the nicest conditions of the holiday, but a friend and I sat at the apartment and relaxed.”

All sorted

A twisted knee is no laughing matter, so Shana booked an appointment with the doctor whilst at the resort, and had an X-ray to make sure it wasn’t anything too serious. When she got back from her holiday she placed the claim with Pluto and was quickly reimbursed for the medical bills, her ski pass for the days she couldn’t use it and the snowboard hire as well as a little extra for the inconvenience.

“The team at Pluto were really good at responding and made it really easy to sort out my claim. It was quite a fast turnaround to get my money back, which surprised me.  I had to provide quite a lot of information, but I had kept everything like receipts. The only thing I didn’t have was the ski pass but I had the screenshot of my bank statement, which was enough. Having got everything back I felt less annoyed by the things I had lost out on. It made me feel better about it all. These things happen.”

A new perspective

While we wish for Shana that she hadn’t had her accident, the good news is that her positive experience with Pluto has changed the way she thinks about travel insurance:

“In the past I have had to make claims for lost phones and things on travel insurance and they never wanted to pay out for them. It was always a nightmare. So the fact that it was easy and friendly this time gave me a different perspective.”

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