When there’s so much snow they close the ski lifts but Pluto gets your money back

Nothing is more frustrating for a skier than fresh powder that you can’t ski on, especially if you’ve already paid to get out there. That’s what Pluto member, Chris, found when he went on a week long ski trip to Avoriaz with friends this year.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t click our fingers and re-open the lifts, but at Pluto we were able to get some money back on that ski pass, enough to pay for some conciliatory drinks. Here’s what happened…

Chris is 29 and lives in London. He doesn’t want to blow his own horn, but we don’t mind doing it for him - Chris is a pretty great skier because he lived in the Rockies in Canada for a bit. Because he’s a fan of skiing holidays, and because he’s travelled to Canada and the States a lot, Chris is pretty responsible about getting travel insurance too. So we’re kinda chuffed he chose us when he planned a trip with friends earlier this year.

“It was a skiing holiday for seven or eight of us. I had never been to this particular location before and it was a real surprise. The guy who booked it heard good things from other people, and we had a couple of French speakers with us so we got the low down where to go and it worked out really nicely.”

Ski season with your mates

The group went to Avoriaz, linked with Morzine, for a week of powder, parties and general merriment because a friend was doing a ski season there. Chris had never been to that particular resort before, but he heard good things and he wasn’t let down - the snow was terrific. So all’s well and everyone’s having a blast but it turns out you can have too much of a good thing.

“We had too much snow. We had four or five days of amazing skiing, and then there was a day where the lifts were closed because there was an avalanche warning. All that beautiful powder and we couldn’t go out. Then the next day there were very high winds and we couldn’t go out again so we missed the last few days of skiing entirely.”

Too much of a good thing

It’s frustrating just thinking about it, right? Fortunately, Chris had his travel insurance. While it wouldn’t make up for the lost ski time, he could at least get some money back on his ski pass and because the purpose of the holiday was cut short.

“I lived in the Rockies for three years and the skiing on that trip was some of the best skiing I’ve had in my life. So it was agony seeing that amazing snow and not being able to ski!”

Chris set about contacting Pluto, and gathering the evidence he needed to show that the lifts were closed and why. He had some difficulty in getting what he needed with the resorts saying he needed to contact the lift organisers and the lift organisers saying it was the resorts responsibility. After a bit of a run around the houses he got the right info, but his advice to anyone else would just be to take photos of the closure signs and anything else that might be helpful in showing what happened at the time to save you having to go back and find it later. It’s actually something we offer more advice on in our blog - What do I do when something goes wrong on holiday?

It wasn’t quite the end to the holiday he had been hoping for, but within a couple of weeks Chris had some money back. So maybe it can go towards a few extra days on next year’s ski holiday, it sounds as though there’s a bit of an unfinished adventure waiting back in Avoriaz!

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