Why do I need travel insurance?

Why should I buy it? And when should I buy it?

All very important questions. It’s all about covering yourself for the unpredictable.

We could obviously talk to you about this for days, but instead, 5 compelling reasons on why you need to buy travel insurance. And, when you should buy it. That way you can relax, and enjoy your holiday...

1. Injury and illness

We’re lucky in the UK that our medical care is free, but when you go abroad, that all changes. In the EU, certain countries will provide you with free healthcare, but not always, and when you leave Europe, the costs can get very very high, very quickly.

This part is referred to as your medical cover, for when something bad happens to you and you become ill or injured like a twisted ankle, food poisoning or much more serious incidents.

Real talk:

  • If you pick up an ear infection in the USA, you could face a £2,000 bill for treatment
  • A woman who tore her cruciate ligaments skiing in Austria had to pay £9,439 for surgery to repair them
  • 1/4 of all claims are due to illness and injury

2. You can no longer go away

You’ve booked your flights, hotels, a few water sports and something bad happens before your trip and you can no longer go.

This part is referred to as your cancellation cover, because it covers you when you cancel your holiday if you break your foot, there’s a flood in your flat or it’s no longer safe to visit where you’re going.

Real talk:

  • The average European ski trip costs over £1,500, with most of it being paid upfront
  • Flights and hotels, alone, to Asia or the Americas, can cost thousands, most of which you can’t get refunded last minute
  • 1/3 of claims are because people can no longer go on holiday

3. Travel insurance is actually cheap

It’s definitely not as expensive as you think. Especially when you think about what it could save you. The average claim is over £2,000. And, you can get covered for the year, for, under £40 (Europe) or around £60 (Worldwide).

Real talk:

  • That means you can get a year’s worth of good travel insurance for 11p per day.
  • Or, in other terms, 8 drinks at the a bar, or 10 Pret tuna baguettes, or 12 lattes.

However you say it, it’s great value for money. Then, you don’t have to worry about it and can just enjoy your holidays.

4. It protects your stuff

S**t happens. It happens to everyone. Things get dropped, scratched, stolen, crushed, dunked — you name it!

And, it’s no fun when that happens to your stuff. Travel insurance, as well as protecting you and your trip, also protects your stuff. So if your bag is stolen in Rio, you lose your passport in Frankfurt or you drop your phone in Bali’s clear blue sea — you’re covered.

Real talk:

  • Most of our smartphones are worth over £500 (laptops and iPads are even more!)
  • The average UK tourist’s luggage is worth over £3,000
  • Around 1/4 of all claims are for people things

5. Peace of mind

Last but certainly not least, your own peace of mind. Consider all of the above, it’s a worry, a mental burden.

Why not forget about all of these things and frantically checking whether you are covered while the plane is taking off and make getting good travel insurance part of booking your trip.

You don’t have to get it from Pluto, but just make sure you get it. Once you have it, you’ll wonder why you never bought it before.

When should I buy travel insurance?

The moment you book your holiday. This is so your trip is protected in case you can no longer go away (point #2). Or, normally, you can save some money and you buy an annual policy.

Okay, I’m in!

Alrighty. Go and build yourself a policy and get a quote in minutes: https://buy.pluto.travel

It’s worth saying, even if obvious, that not all travel insurance is the same, and it won’t always include all of the above. Most good travel insurance, and certainly Pluto cover, does include all this. Always make sure you take the time to understand what you’re buying. Unfortunately, not all companies agree with us, that it should be really easy to understand what you’re buying.

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The two co-founders of Pluto, Alex & Harry.