Why you should book your travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday

Let’s be honest, when we go on holiday most of us book our flights and where we’re going to stay and then leave our travel insurance until the week, the day, maybe even the night before we’re supposed to hop on the flight. What lots of people don’t realise, is that while travel insurance is great when sh**t happens on holiday, it can actually be bloody useful when sh**t happens before you leave as well.

Take our friend Tom for example. Two years ago Tom was looking forward to a skiing holiday in Val d’Isere with three friends. Flights were booked, hotels were organised and travel insurance was in place. In fact, as Tom headed off to play football with a few mates six weeks before take off, all he really had left to think about was whether at the grand old age of 29 he was too old to be overdoing the apres ski.

Maybe his head wasn’t quite in the game as he thought about that aperol spritz, or maybe it was just one of those things, but that evening as Tom went in for a tackle whilst playing football, he broke his leg in two places. Definitely no skiing for Tom.

Fortunately, as we said, Tom had already booked his travel insurance, and while his leg took 10 months to get back to normal, getting the cost of his cancelled flights back was somewhat easier.

So what can we learn from Tom?

Buying your travel insurance when you book your trip is a really really good idea. Because there’s one thing worse than cancelling a holiday; still having to pay for it when you can’t even enjoy it.

Accidents and ill health can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, cancellations are the most common type of travel insurance claim with the average cost reaching over £1,000.

However, if you have to cancel your trip before you leave, or if you have to come home early due to something serious outside of your control, your travel insurance can usually help.

The typical situations covered in a Pluto policy that might make you cancel a holiday:

  • If you, a family member, business partner or travel buddy is injured or gets ill.
  • You or your travel buddy’s home suffers serious damage by fire, burglary, storm or flood in the week before you go away.
  • If you get a witness summons, are made redundant or even if you’re required to stay for work (particularly if you work in the military or emergency services).

What’s covered by a typical travel insurance policy?

An insurance policy will generally cover the costs of your flights, your accommodation, your deposits for activities and any prepaid charges. Pretty much anything that you can’t get refunded from whoever you booked it with.

What won’t your travel insurance cover?

Typically, you’re not covered if:

  • You knew there would be a high chance of you cancelling or changing your travel plans when you bought
    the insurance.
  • You just decide you don’t feel like going away any more.
  • Generally, you’re not covered if an act of terrorism or a natural catastrophe prevents you from going away (however, with Pluto this can be added as an extra to your policy).

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